What Is Channeling/Mediumship?

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Channeling is when Karen connects with her spirit guide and the spirit world to receive messages for you. These messages offer insight, knowledge, and wisdom that is highly personal and tailored to you. Karen is also able to channel your loved ones so you can speak with them. Benefits can include happiness, joy, peace-of-mind, clarity, [...]

How do I know if a Channeling session is for me?

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If you believe more exists beyond the physical world, and you are open to receiving messages and guidance from the spirit world, then the answer is YES! If you want to connect with a loved one who has passed on, then the answer is YES! If you want to learn more, contact us for a [...]

How do I prepare for a Channeling session?

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Messages flow more easily and smoothly when the recipient is open to the experience. Setting your intention before the session will make a big difference. It is suggested that you simply say to yourself "I open my mind and heart to this experience and whatever messages come through". Your session will begin with a message [...]

What can I expect during a Channeling session?

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At the beginning of a session, I look down or to the side to focus my attention. I then give a silent OK, giving thanks and asking for the highest wisdom to come through for you.  I then connect my spirit guide that will then usually greet you and give you a personal message. Once [...]

What if a bad/dark spirit comes through or I get bad news?

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When doing any energy work, I always ask for only the highest level of spirits and the highest wisdom to come through. There are lower frequency spirits but I don't believe bad/dark spirits exist. Spirit will only give you messages that you need and can handle at the time of your session. Powerful emotions can [...]

Will I get all my questions answered in a session?

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Spirit offers you what you need to know at this time in your life. At the beginning of each session, my guide will have a message for you. Typically, there will be time after this for you to ask any questions that you may have. Whether you get all your questions answered during one session [...]

What can I expect after a Channeling session?

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You will receive a lot of information during your session and you will find yourself thinking about it for many days afterwards. This is normal as there is a lot of information for you to process. I recommend you treat this the way you treat any new information you receive. For example, do you typically [...]

How often should I have a Channeling session?

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This is difficult to answer as it really depends on the individual. I have clients that come every few weeks, some that come every few months and some that come once or twice a year. Heck, we ask for messages for ourselves several times a week - sometimes several times a day! It is up [...]