What is a Chakra Balance?

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Every person has 7 major energy centres (Chakras) in their body connected to an aspect of his/her life. These energy centres can become blocked or misaligned and leave you feeling out-of-sorts, off-kilter, tired and with little or no energy. In Karen's Chakra Balance, she connects with grace her spirit guide and Archangel Raphael to cleanse [...]

What are Chakras?

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Every person has 7 major energy centres in their body that correspond to an aspect of life: safety and security, desire and happiness, drive and ambition, love, communication and expression, intuition and higher consciousness and awareness. Our Chakras play a big part in our emotional and physical health. These energy centres can become cloudy and [...]

How can you see my Chakras?

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When I conduct a Chakra Balance, the first step is to connect with a guide. My guide then shows me an image of your Chakras in my mind's eye. I "see" them through my intuitive senses. Well, this may seem strange, it actually happens!!

Do I need to prepare for a Chakra Balance?

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There is nothing special you need to do to prepare for a Chakra Balance. Being in a relaxed state is beneficial, however, I have conducted remote balances on clients as they were working, eating or exercising and had just as positive results.

What if my Chakras won’t come clean or can’t be balanced?

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Your Chakras will come clean and will be balanced. Some may take longer to cleanse and balance than others (and some may not need cleansing or balancing at all) but I will work with my guides until they return to their proper state. As your Chakras are energy centres, they continually respond to stimuli and [...]

What if I don’t feel better when you are finished?

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Results for every client are different as every client is unique and has different needs. The most common results are feelings of alignment, balance, centeredness, increased energy, lightness or a combination of any of these. You may experience all or one of them. Occasionally, some clients experience some dizziness at the end of a session [...]

How often should I have a Chakra Balance?

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This is difficult to answer as it really depends on the individual. I would recommend you have a balance whenever you have a feeling of being out-of-sorts, not feeling grounded or find your energy is very low and it persists for more than a few days.