What Does A Coaching Session Look Like And How Long

First off, I will congratulate you on taking the right step to a better life!!

There will be quite a bit of us getting to know each other and lots of listening on my part.

I will then take your information and put together steps that will best serve you and your situation.  Yes, this is all about you and supporting you.

We will then have several follow up sessions as you will leave sessions with new insight, clarity and a new motivation that you will be able to implement into the time we’re apart.  You will be able to contact me if there is a set back between sessions.  I’m here for you.

As for length in sessions.  The first session will be the longest usually lasting 60-90min.  Subsequent sessions last 45-50min.  It’s suggested to do coaching in either increment’s of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to truly reach your potential and goals.  You put in the work, you can achieve it.

You can always set up a complimentary consultation with Karen to find out more.

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