How Does Coaching Work

Prior to the first session, you will fill out and send to me your self-discovery questionnaire and the results of the personal strengths assessment (which I will review before our first session).

Your first session will be the longest at it is our Discovery Session–  we spend the majority of time exploring in depth your answers to the questionnaire.  Then we begin to uncover who you really are and what you wish to focus on in coaching.

We’ll do ongoing work in future sessions and we’ll also identify and get to know your Inner Critic. Over time coaching will help you create ways to decrease its impact on you and how to change your mindset skills and give you tools to support you.

After the first 2 or 3 foundational sessions, you will bring any topic of discussion you want to the session and we’ll explore it. You are in change about what you wish to talk about, how can we move towards further goals and how to lessen and deal with difficult situations.

Remember I am here to support, guide, motivate and empower you to see and reach your full potential. As we go through this we will celebrate and talk about your successes.

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