Module 5: Lesson 4 – Archangel Uriel



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It is time to connect, learn and grow with Archangel Gabriel!!

Archangel Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength and is the Messenger of God”.  Some faiths believe that Archangel Gabriel is more of Masculine energy and others believe it is more of feminine energy.  More studies are showing that this Archangel carries the feminine energy than the masculine.  When it comes to connecting with energy, we all carry masculine and feminine energy; therefore when you connect and invoke Archangel you may sense either more dense energy or lighter feminine energy.

Gabriel is energy-filled with creativity to support authors, writers, and poets in their self-expression in writing.

Calling all parents out there (this includes anyone that plays a role as a leader, mentor, or someone that provides guidance) You can invoke Archangel Gabriel to support the best way to providing clarity, motivation, and love to leveling up their lives.  If you are looking to conceive or having troubles in conception; invoke this lovely energy to help with the child-rearing, conception, and or adoption.  This vibrant energy gives you courage, strength trust to help you stay centered.

When invoked, it is known that people have seen flashes of yellow light.  When Archangel Gabriel is present you may feel that mix of masculine/feminine energy that is very connective to love, support, and guidance.  TIP:  The feeling is just a knowing from within that Archangel Gabriel is present.


Areas That Archangel Gabriel Can Help



Feeling like you are in a slump or in need of some extra energy?  A quick call to Archangel Gabriel and feel the energy pushing you into action to get you feeling energized and reignite the fire within to accomplish and complete all that is needed at this time in your life.


Bring in this brilliant mind to encourage and support your passion for writing, art, or anything in the arts.  Be inspired to create a masterpiece.

Children and Parenting

This area of expersie can support so many in different ways.  Here is a list of how Archangel Gabriel can support you in these areas.


-Conception and Fertility

-Behaviours in childreen

-Connection and understanding

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