Module 5: Lesson 3 – Archangel Michael



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Oh, You are going to love ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!!  They are all amazing but I’m sure you have heard of this beautiful energy.  Ok, Let’s learn more about this AAM (Archangel  Michael). Get out your pens and paper and let’s dive in!!

Archangel Michaels’s name means “he who is like God”. He is extremely tall, masculine, handsome, and known to carry a sword.

Archangel Michael helps release fear, doubt and will help protect you.  Not only will he protect you, but he will also listen to your whispers of worry and prayer to help protect any family or friends.

If you or know someone who has a career in the military, security, or police services; Archangel Michael is a patron saint as he protects and lends courage to those who invoke him.  You do not have to work in these areas, but he is the Archangel that will best support you and your loved ones in the line of protection and safety.

Archangel Michael and Raphael often work together in clearing out energy or spirit.

When invoked, it is known that people have seen flashes of blue or purple light.  He presents a fiery strong presence enough to make you sweat!!

He is known as the most powerful healing archangel and is considered one of the top three known Archangels.


Areas That Archangel Michael Can Help

Self-esteem, Worthiness, Confidence, and Courage

In a world where social media is so prominent and fills our heads with mixed messages and, I have to say it… lots of negativity; it’s hard not to feel beat up that decreases our worth, confidence, and trust in the world.  So why not use this Angelic energy that is available to you.  The more you invoke and connect the more you will feel their presence, support, and love that will automatically rebuild your confidence, worth and you will trust in the process no matter how tough it may be.  Be courageous to be YOU


Are you looking for more clarity in your life?  Ummm, just ask this amazing Angel!!  He will give your signs to guide you on the best path possible.  If you are feeling stagnant in your passion and purpose, just ask!!  You need to be aware of the signs he will show you, so if you invoke, be ready for the signs!!

Space Clearing

Call upon Archangel Michael and Raphael to help clear out any old or negative energy in any space or dwelling.  You should clear any new space that are you moving into or if someone is ill, has passed or separated, or divorced.  You want to dust off the old energy so you can set new intentions into space for optimal health, clarity, and new opportunities.

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