Module 5: Lesson 2 – Archangel Raphael



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Archangel Raphael’s name means “he who heals” or “God has healed”  He helps healers in their work and will guide them to find which best treatment to use for their clients.  Not only is he a healer of humans but also animals.

Archangel Raphael is very prompt if called upon and will aid in rapid healing.  You can also invoke Archangel Raphael for the healing of others.

If you are wanting to get into the healing modality, you can call upon Raphael to help find the money, school, and resources to support your journey.

When it comes to pets, he can help with finding lost pets, find you the right pet, or help heal a sick or injured animal.

Archangel Raphael and Michael often work together in clearing out energy or spirit.

When invoked, it is known that people have seen flashes of green light, or sensed a calming effect that lowers anxiety and stress.  He may even aid in sleep to help you recover and heal in optimal time.

He is known as the most powerful healing archangel and is considered one of the top three known Archangels.


Areas That Archangel Raphael Can Help


You can call Archangel Raphael at any time to aid in the healing of family, friends, pets, personal, or anyone of thing that needs extra support with immune system healing or mental healing.  Healing can be from terminal illness to broken bones and even helping with eyesight.

Addictions and or Cravings

When you are in unhealthy patterns and slumps you can ask for laser clear signs from Archangel Raphael to help show you the way in changing and creating a healthier lifestyle.  These could be signs to attend support groups, online helplines, or reaching out to friends.  It’s about being aware of the tips Archangel Raphael is giving you to take you step-by-step on your new journey of life.


Driving in a car, flying on a plane, or walking home during the day or night?  Ask Raphael to watch over you or your loved one for a safe journey from A-B.   When asking, Make sure you use statements like this:

-Thank you for watching over me as I travel to ______ that my trip there is just as safe as my trip back.

-I am grateful that you are surrounding me with the white light of safety and protection as I travel.

Space Clearing

Call upon Archangel Raphael and Michael to help clear out any old or negative energy in any space or dwelling.  You should clear any new space that are you moving into or if someone is ill, has passed or separated, or divorced.  You want to dust off the old energy so you can set new intentions into space for optimal health, clarity, and new opportunities.

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