Module 4 – 10 Steps To Set You Up For Success



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Your Quick 10-Step Guide To Successfully Connect With Your Dream Team

This is your quick guide to give you an idea of the steps needed to support you to set you up for success when connecting to your Archangels.  I am adding this in here at this point to give you an overview of the steps so you can energetically process them as you move along.

10-Step Guide


1. Trust and Believe

Make sure that you are not second-guessing your abilities to receive messages from your angels.  Trust that you are worthy to receive signs and messages and believe that it will happen.

2. Meditate and Align

Practice clearing your mind and holding space to align with your angles.  When you meditate you can focus on holding space for the angles before you even connect with them.  This will support you when you do go to connect and make you feel more confident when you do connect.

3. Get used to Asking

I know you may find it touch asking people for help or support.  But you need to get in the energy of asking, allowing, and receiving.  When you have aligned with this energy the messages you receive from your angles will be more clear and your senses will be heightened to receive more signs.

4. Get Clear on Your Questions

Make some practice notes of the questions you will be asking the angles.  Think of it as your asking Siri, Alexa, or google a question.  You need to be laser clear on the question you are asking.  Be specific and clear.  So make sure you practice and write out your question and even turn it around as if someone was asking you that question.

5.  Trust the Process and be Patient

You are entering into a new learning curve and routine.  Just like riding a bike, it takes time and practice. If you don’t practice and see yourself being able to ride, you may never do it.

If you don’t trust that you will receive from the angles, you are automatically causing resistance.  With resistance, you only slow or stop the process

6. Ground Yourself

Grounding is a technique used to reconnect to the earth so when you connect to the divine you are also rooted in our earthly realm.  You can use these 3 techniques to help ground yourself before you connect with your angles.

  1.  Walk barefoot and feel the outside grass or earth connect to your feet.  If you cant go outside do this inside and visualize yourself being outside.
  2. Stomp your feet.  This allows the pressure of the ground to shock up into your body
  3.  Stand tall like a tree and stretch your arms up over your head, around and down to your side as you inhale as your arms go up and exhale as your arms come down.  Do this 3-5times.

Grounding has benefits that are neutralizing and energizing your magnetic field to helo lower anxiety, inflammation and give you a more focused mindset.

7.  Receive

If you want to receive messages and signs from your angels, then you mentally need to be open to receiving.  You need to remind yourself that you are an open vessel and ready and willing to receive what your angles have to provide for you.

8. Be Aware and Listen

You still need to be aware of your surroundings and connect the dots.  It’s like putting a puzzle together but the picture is created by you! If you hear something or see something and it makes you question yourself if it’s a sign.  IT”S A SIGN!! lol

9. Take Notes

Yes, you definitely should take notes of all the signs, symbols, and insights you receive.  Even if it is a single thought, write it down.  Remember it’s like putting a puzzle together.  As you take notes,  you will receive deeper and more meaningful messages out of the smallest signs you receive.

10. Be Thankful and Give Thanks

One thing that is a must and I will reiterate this point frequently;  You always hold gratitude for the angles communicating and supporting you but you will always give thanks for your angles coming to connect at the end of each session you connect with them.  A simple “Thank you for connecting with me today and your divine guidance, Much love”.

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