Module 3: Lesson 2 – The Power Of Intention



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The Power Of Personal Intention


Intention is a powerful force that you use to connect yourself to the invisible universal energy.  Intention is viewed as the strongest force in determination that propels you forward in which you succeed at all costs and never gives up to get what you want.  It is an intentional thought that is accompanied by actions to create the vision and end result that you are looking for.

You focus on the end result using feelings and emotions of how you will feel when you get that end result.  So you are not focusing on the gap in between, as you know whatever obstacle arises, you will make it through them.

The same goes for connection with your angles.  Just as you are here, you set an intention to learn how to connect with angels, and then you put the action together by enrolling in this course.  Intention to action gives you an outcome.  When you set an intention you are also holding inner awareness as to what is possible.  This will also increase your self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem.

Cheatsheet for Intention setting


Here are some tips on how to set an intention and use it.  You need to get extremely specific on what you want and letting go of the rest.

  1. Say it in the present moment and go in with visuals, emotions, and feelings
  2. Share your intention out loud or write it down
  3. Meditate on what it is that you want (will give examples below)
  4. Be grateful for the experience
  5. Practice, practice, practice

When setting the intention you need to be laser clear on what you want.  You need to visualize how you will feel when you experience it and feel it deep in your soul.  How will it benefit your life when you experience it.

Examples of intentions in the present moment for connecting with your dream team:

  1. I love how it feels connecting with Archangel _______, I am grateful for the messages I receive.
  2. I am open and willing to receive all that Archangel _________ shows me.
  3. I connect to the highest source of energy and am open to Archangel ________ to join me.
  4. Thankyou Archangel _______for supporting me and giving me clarity in__________.
  5. Thank you Archangel_________for healing me (or someone else) fully and completely.
  6. I intend to connect with Archangel ________.
  7. Please watch over me and my family as we travel Or Please watch over _____ as they travel.

You can use these intentions during meditation, in a quiet place, in the morning, or before bed.  Just remember to practice using intentions and go all-in with feeling and gratitude.  When you use intentions and add an action to it an outcome is inevitable.


Practice for the week


Over the next week, practice writing and setting intention so you can get use the connecting to the source of energy.  Just use some basic intentions over the next week that will support you when you connect with your dream team.  See the examples below:

  1. I intend to live each day filled with love and gratitude. (This will help you open up and be more receptive when connecting with your Angles)
  2. I am loved by all of my Archangels. (Gets the energy flowing to them and the trust)
  3. I am worthy and open to connect with my Archangels (Allows you to but trust within yourself and confidence to connect with your Angels)
  4. I am surrounded by love and am love (Opens your heart chakra to allow the divine love in and be grateful to send it back out to the universe)

Keep practicing these intentions over the next week to help natural reprogram your mindset and it will also support you when it is time to invoke your Archangels.  Feel free to change the intentions or add new ones.  Just practice and remember to go all-in with all your senses.

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