Module 2 – The 5 W’s And The “How” With Your DT (Dream Team)



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The Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How….. of getting to know your dream team.


WHAT is an Archangel?  An Archangel is considered to be the highest rank of angels.  They are known to have divine superpowers that most people can not explain other than they were saved by a powerful divine force.  People that have witnessed Angles have said to have seen distinct colours and have felt the intense and strong force of energy around them.  Have you hear the term “Angel choir”  Many people if lucky have woken to heavenly divine music that is so pure to the ear, that nothing else on earth compares.  I have been blessed to have had the Angel choir wake me up many years ago when I was going through a separation.  A stay at home Mom with three little kids to raise and not knowing how to get out of a toxic marriage and find a way to live with no job.  I had worked and prayed to the Archangels on a regular basis and one day I just had to trust and believe.  I need up starting from scratch.  But I also had faith that I would be shown the way with these divine beings.  I still invoke them and use them regularly for healing sessions around the world.  I am so happy, you are allowing them into your life as well.


WHO will you be connecting with? (Direct intention, this is a must)

It’s important to know WHO you will be connecting with before you start.  (You will learn more about intention later). It is important when starting, that you only connect and invoke one Archangel at a time.  This allows you to get learn how to connect and identify their energy or the signs you are receiving from that specific Archangel.

TIP:  If you are unsure who to help with a specific matter, you can ask for any or all Archangels to step forward to support you in the matter.


WHY, do you want to connect with an Archangel?

Well, why not!!  These angelic beings have been around and invoked for centuries to support everyday people like you and me overcome fears, see past obstacles, and open new doors in life when not thought possible.  It has even been known that miraculous healings and life-changing experiences have occurred by invoking the powerful divine.  Once you make it a routine of inviting your angels in, they will always be there for you, watching over you wherever you may be.  They definitely come in handy when traveling.  Call them to see that you make it from point A to B safely, or ask them to keep a loved one safe when traveling.


WHERE do you connect with these beautiful angelic beings?

Your angels always want you to win!!  So it does not matter where you connect.  They are there for you day and night.

If you are just starting out and getting used to the divine realm, you may want to set some time aside (15-30min) to find a place that is quiet and comfortable for you.  This will allow you to really tune in and give your full focus to your intention of connecting with your angels.

TIP: Try connecting in the evening or when it is cooler out.  This will heighten and enhance your experience.  It has been shown that it is easier to have connected with the divine during low light and cooler times of the day.


WHEN should you connect with your angles?

Heck, why not start right now.  There really is no right or wrong time to connect.  As mentioned earlier, darker and cooler places seem to offer a more heightened experience when learning how to connect and invoke angles.

You also want to have an intention when your connecting, so your focus for connecting is clear.  This will also, help establish a relationship with your angels.


HOW do I connect with an Archangel?

I know you want to get right to the source to invoke and connect with your personal dream team.  I promise you will get there, but if you want to be successful you need the right information and support to be successful.  That’s exactly why you are here.


Growth-work over the next week


Make a list over the next few days or week, as to why you are wanting to connect with the Archangels.

Ask yourself:

  1. How will connecting to Archangel support you or change your life?
  2. Is there a specific Archangel that you know of that you want to connect with?
  3. How do you see yourself connecting to your dream team and where (meditation, before bed, outside)
  4. How long are you willing to set aside to connect and how often are you willing to try? (# days per week and # of minutes note: start slow and work up timing.  3-5min, 5-10min)
  5. What are you looking to get out of connecting with the Archangels?

When you get clear on your “why”  not only are setting up clear boundaries and direction for the Archanges to support, but it will help you with clear and direct focus when connecting with the Archangels.

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