Module 1 – Let’s Get Comfortable



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Let’s have a little talk before you begin you embark on this new journey.

Being prepared is going to be super important as you move along in learning and connecting with your angles.

Make time for yourself when your working throughout this course.  You will love how this was put together for you as it is a simple step-by-step; I have your hand kinda course.  No fancy technology that will lose you and have you wondering where you are.  It is a one-click at a time simplified learning platform.  You will also be able to move through it at your own pace as well. But, if you want to be successful and get the most out of this training, then you need to be in the mood and energy frequency of being open, allowing, and receiving.

Some modules will be shorter than others, and that does not mean you need to cram them all in at once or overstuff yourself with too much information that will not be retained.  You have unlimited access to this course, so go over it a few times.  You will pick up different perspectives as you use and train your new intuition muscle.  You will notice as time goes on that you will gain different levels of clarity and wisdom in everyday life the more you practice.

Make sure you always have a journal or pad of paper and pen/pencil that you can keep beside you to take notes.  Keep the journal just for this course so it’s all organized as it will fit in nicely with my other courses.  Also, remembering to keep a nice beverage beside you as well.  Water or tea is the best for hydrating (TIP to take note) Water is highly energetic when it comes to the spirit realm and it will increase connectivity to spirit.  (So stay hydrated as well!!)

We will be getting into some fun topics over the next several modules. But, before we meet your DT (Dream Team).

  • Drink

  • Snack

  • Journal or paper

  • Magical pen or pencil

  • Blanket or heating bag

  • Quiet time

  • Skill Experts
  • Last Update July 21, 2022
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