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Surprise! You’re a Ghost Whisperer

And it was a HUGE surprise. I was terrified of spirits.

I didn’t really believe in life after death. I figured you lived, you died and that was it. I was afraid to believe otherwise. Because if I did, that meant spirits existed. And hey, I saw all the scary ghost movies and those spirits weren’t friendly. So I rejected the notion that spirits exist.

Until I wasn’t.
Then I visit a friend who owns a house that someone died in (from old age). I woke in the middle of the night for no reason. As I was laying there contemplating why I was awake, I got a strong scent of vanilla and then BAM! I got zapped with energy – like a mild shock. It hit my face and upper chest.

Even though I had a pretty good idea of what had happened (hello, old lady ghost) my first reaction was to ask myself “WHAT WAS THAT?”. This was followed by “GET OFF ME. GET OFF ME. GET OFF ME!”. I didn’t handle it well. Honestly? I was scared $@!&less.

This kept happening to me over the following weeks. After a while the fear went away as I realized nothing bad was happening to me. I was simply being visited by spirits. It was like they were poking me to let me know they existed. Still, I didn’t want to be a Ghost Whisperer. I was determined to find out why it was happening so I could make it stop.

Then I had someone channel for me.

I was told a friend of mine could communicate with her spirit guide and that maybe she could help me figure out what was going on. I was a little apprehensive but my experiences had been going on for a couple of months and I REALLY wanted it to stop. I arranged to have a session.

This first session was a amazing. I was introduced to my spirit guide, Stephen. As soon as this happened, I felt a huge rush of love enter my heart centre and then Stephen manifested as a tingling sensation on my the upper part of my left arm. (I still have this tingling sensation today.)

The love that I felt and the knowledge that I had a spirit guide gave me such comfort and peace-of-mind. It grounded me in a way that I had never experienced. To know that Spirit existed, that there was a whole universe beyond what I could see and to know that I wasn’t alone was huge.

It was a life changing experience.

It altered all my beliefs about the universe, God, life after death and reincarnation. I didn’t get the answer as to why I was being visited by spirits but I no longer cared. I just wanted more messages from Spirit.
I had more channeling sessions and the messages I received brought me more love and comfort. They also brought me the belief that I was meant to do something different with my life. I had been struggling with my career, not feeling fulfilled or happy but I couldn’t see a way out of it. The messages I received gave me hope that I could do something else.

Now I’m a conduit for Spirit.

These sessions also sparked a desire in me to learn how to channel for myself. I took a number of courses and found my passion and purpose in life! I loved receiving messages and I knew the tremendous benefits it offered. I saw a way to be of service to others that was quite profound and very fulfilling. I eventually left my career to become a full-time Ghost Whisperer – or Intuitive as I now call myself. (Read Why We Call Ourselves Intuitives)

Someone asked me why this had happened to me at this point in my life. I didn’t have an answer at the time. The more I thought about it though, I realized that through my daily meditation practice of asking myself “What is my purpose?” I got my answer. It started with those first spirit visits and brought me to where I am today.

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