My Spirit Guide was Laughing at Me!

I was obsessing over the smallest detail on our website. When I channeled my Spirit Guide, Stephen, for guidance, he was laughing his head off at me. Not in a malicious way. It was to show me how insignificant and laughable my worry was. He was telling me to relax and not take the small things or myself so seriously. (I need this reminder A LOT!) He also laughs when I ask if I should buy a lottery ticket…

Spirit has a great sense of humour!

There is a misconception out there that because Spirit is Spirit, their messages are always serious in nature, and they come to impart earth-shattering news.

Nope. Spirit has a great sense of humour and if you need some laughs and joy in your life, they are ready and willing to provide it.


Yes, really. Once, one of my client’s guides put on a clown wig to make her smile. He also drew freckles on her face – which she could feel. This made her laugh and let her know he was present.

Humour plays an important role in Spirit’s messages

Spirit uses humour to grab your attention to ensure you really hear the message. Stephen hooked a candy cane around my ear one Christmas to make sure I was listening carefully to what he was about to say.

And remember the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine?” Spirit also uses humour to give you a pick me up when you need it. And sometimes to let you know they are fine. For example, another client has a close friend who passed in tragic circumstances. He often pops into her sessions when she is upset and does something to make her laugh. This always makes her feel better and shows her that he is well and happy where he is.

What it all comes down to is Spirit uses humour to remind us “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

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    My spirit guide is also called Stephen

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