About Lorraine Manners

I am an Intuitive who offers Channeling and Chakra Balance services to connect you to spirit and restore your balance and vitality.

We Can Channel Living People

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My Mother is still alive. This is what a client said to me after I channeled messages from her Mother during one of my early sessions as a professional Intuitive. It took me by surprise for a moment.  But when I thought about it, it explained how her Mom had revealed herself to me during [...]

How Earth’s Energy Affects You

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Have you ever noticed... that everyone around you is rushing, carrying on at a frenetic pace? Or they seem frustrated, distracted? Their actions/conversation appear disjointed? Or that you seem to be experiencing similar pressures or feelings? What do you attribute this to? The world today? That the pace of change and technology is so rapid, everyone is [...]

Jesus is Guiding Me? What????

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You're not Christian, nor religious yet Jesus has shown up for you. Yes, this has happened for clients who are Jewish or don't have any religious affiliation or don't even particularly believe in Jesus. But there he is, just the same! Why? While Jesus grew up in the Jewish tradition, what he taught wasn't about [...]

Repeating Numbers: Spirit is Talking to You

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Do you ever see repeating numbers or patterns of numbers? This is Spirit communicating with you! It isn't random at all. In fact, it is very deliberate. And all these numbers have meanings. Kind of like a coded message, especially for you. 110110 This combo of numbers is what Spirit has been showing me lately. [...]

Clearing Your Home and Business

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Why clear your Home or Business? Maybe because you think there is a Spirit there. But energy also leaves imprints in spaces. Both Spirit and negative energy in your home or business can have lasting effects. "This place feels weird." I think pretty much everyone has walked into a space - a home, a meeting [...]

Sahaswara The Crown or 7th Chakra

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Higher Consciousness. Higher Awareness. This is what the Crown or 7th Chakra - Sahaswara governs. What does this mean? For some it is their connection to God. For others, it connects them to the Universe. For others, it connects them to a Higher Power or All. Whatever you might call it, it is the energy [...]

Vishuddha Throat or 5th Chakra

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Vishuddha. Trying saying that 5 times fast ;) The Throat Chakra governs Expression and Communication. How is this area of your life? Are you holding back from telling people in your life how you feel about them? Are you having trouble finding the right words that express your desires, needs and wants? Are you afraid [...]

Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra

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What do Ambition, Creativity, Drive and Assertiveness have in common? They are all governed by the Solar Plexus aka Manipura Chakra, the 3rd in your major 7 Chakra lineup. This Chakra is located in your solar plexus: the area between your sternum and navel. It is bright yellow in colour when balanced and on a [...]

Root Chakra

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Worrying excessively about your financial situation? Career? Family? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by responsibility? The Root or Muladhara Chakra is the energy centre located at the base of your tailbone that governs the aspects of Safety, Stability, Security, Sense of Self and Self-confidence. As an energy centre, is can be affected by strong emotions that [...]