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A Day in the Life with Spirit

People will often ask me, “Do you see something about me/around me right now?”

The answer is “No”. I don’t see and hear Spirit all day long. Firstly, I never tap into Spirit to find out something about someone else if they aren’t a client having a session. That is an invasion of privacy. Nor would I ever tap into someone’s energy to “see” what is going on. That’s not how I work.

I use an ON/OFF switch for Spirit.

I can’t be on all the time –  it would be too exhausting for me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. So I imagine a light switch (a black one like a classroom light switch) that I mentally turn on and off.

I turn the switch on every morning when I wake up to check in with Spirit. I always channel my spirit guide Stephen first and see what he has to say. I will also speak to whoever else might turn up and who wants to chat. (And Spirit likes to chat!) Who else turns up changes from day to day. It depends on who I need to hear from. Then I turn the switch off.

Most of the time my switch is OFF.

While I always feel Stephen’s tingles on my arm, I keep my switch OFF the majority of the time. It only goes ON again during the day when I’m channeling for a client.

Well, that’s not totally true. Sometimes Spirit just has to get a message to me even when my switch is OFF. I will get a signal – increased arm tingles, sneezes or an itchy face – and I check in.

Sometimes my switch won’t turn OFF.

There are times when I’m finished chatting with Spirit when I try to turn my switch OFF and it won’t go down. At first I just thought I wasn’t focusing enough. Ha! I quickly learned that was not the case. It won’t turn off because Spirit (usually my Dad) has something else to say. Once the message has come through, then the switch will go down.

This is what works for me.

Everyone is different. Some people will just say “Not now” or “Go away”. Others may turn a dial up or down. There are some Intuitives who are connected all the time.

That’s my day with Spirit. Spirit is always around, I’m just not tapped in all the time.


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I am an Intuitive who offers Channeling and Chakra Balance services to connect you to spirit and restore your balance and vitality.

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